Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate by Curly Haugland & Sean Parnell

This timely book makes a powerful case that delegates to the Republican Party convention are not bound to vote for any particular candidate based on primary and caucus results, state party rules, or even state law. Co-authors Sean Parnell and Curly Haugland document nearly 240 instances at past conventions in which delegates invoked their right to vote their conscience.

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Incredibly, Republicans at the highest level can’t quite dismiss Haugland’s arguments. Even last week, three days after Reince Priebus declared Trump the presumptive nominee, the party chairman couldn’t quite bring himself to dismiss the possibility that the convention could nominate someone other than Trump.”

Politico, May 9, 2016

“All that matters are rules, and the RNC’s rules, according to Haugland — who has pored over them with painstaking attention to detail — offer a surprisingly large amount of leeway when it comes to how the 2,472 Republican delegates must act in Cleveland come July.” –

— Rolling Stone, May 11, 2016

“The rise of Donald Trump highlights the importance of the rules governing presidential nominations. Haugland and Parnell detail the Republican party’s long history of respecting the authority of national delegates to vote their consciences, regardless of efforts by government or state parties to control their behavior.”

— Eric O’Keefe, Citizens in Charge Foundation Board of Directors

Click here to download a FREE .pdf copy of Unbound, The Conscience of a Republican Delegate by Curly Haugland & Sean Parnell.

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About the Publisher

In publishing “Unbound: The Conscience of a Republican Delegate” by Curly Haugland and Sean Parnell, Citizens in Charge Foundation hopes to enhance the debate about the roles political parties have historically played in our political discourse, the rights of citizens to form political parties, and the authority parties and, more specifically, party delegates have in nominating a presidential candidate.

Citizens in Charge Foundation is a not-for-profit and non-partisan charitable foundation working, through education and litigation, to ensure citizens understand their rights within the political process and are fully in charge of their government.

The foundation seeks to protect the First Amendment rights to speak, assemble, to petition and to freely associate so that citizens can advance their political beliefs. Most often, Citizens in Charge Foundation addresses the challenges to citizen participation in so-called “direct” democracy: initiatives, referendums and recall petitions. But citizens have an equal right, and need, to engage in nominating and choosing their elected officials through the ability to vote their conscience so as to make representative democracy truly “representative.”