U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has ordered the Washington Secretary of State not to release the names and addresses of voters who signed the petition for Referendum 71.

By now, any Californian who has not been hounded to sign a petition for a ballot initiative must never go grocery shopping or strolling along a downtown street. The paid signature gatherers are abundant, they are aggressive and sometimes they are deceptive in their pitches. Most of them have an incentive to be pushy and not quite forthright: They are being paid by the signature.


Today several state and national grassroot organizations are denouncing California Senate Bill 34 aimed at silencing voters by restricting the citizen initiative process. In an open letter to the California State Legislature, citizens are speaking out on the legislation that targets their First Amendment rights.

93% said No

Wed, Jun 24 2009 by Anonymous

In a recent poll 93% of respondents agreed that the names of petition signers should not be placed in a searchable database on the Internet. In several states organizations are trying to put the names of all people who signed a petition into a searchable database.



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In Massachusetts, legislators on the Elections Laws Committee held a hearing on legislation requiring anyone who is gathering signatures for an initiative petition to wear a button including his or her name, the name of the committee and if and how much the person is being paid to collect signatures

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A Mahoning County judge has declined to halt signature-gathering to put another casino issue on Ohio’s November ballot.

Common Pleas Judge James Evans on Friday ordered the Ohio Jobs and Growth Plan, which is collecting the signatures, to not misrepresent the contents of the proposed constitutional amendment, according to a statement from his office.

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Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert is betting on the success of a proposed ballot initiative that would put casinos in several Ohio cities.

Gilbert, a chief investor in the proposal, said Wednesday that an initiative to collect more than 400,000 signatures required to put the issue on the November ballot is nearly complete. The signatures are due July 1.

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Signing an initiative petition should be a fairly private matter. Doing so simply means the signer would like to see the matter decided by voters, and does not necessarily indicate how they will vote…

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Winneshiek County residents won’t be voting on the method for electing supervisors this year. A petition had been circulated calling for a vote on matter but it failed to garner the 1,129 signatures (10 percent of the votes cast in the last general election) required. The deadline for obtaining the signatures was Monday.

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Several gay-rights groups from across the country are developing databases of names and address of people who signed petitions supporting traditional marriage measures. These searchable databases would be put on the Internet open to all interested parties.

A group called has already placed names of traditional marriage supporters on he Internet in states like Oregon, Florida and Arkansas.