Paul Jacob, President of Citizens In Charge Foundation, responds to a participants concerns on individual/constitutional rights with regards to the initiative and referendum process.

Do California politicians have too little power?

Mon, Jun 22 2009 by Anonymous

What is wrong with California politics? Is it the politicians, the voters, the balance of power?

Yesterday in Paul Jacob discussed the results of the California ballot measures and tries to answer the question, “Do California politicians have too little power?. What are your thoughts?

Oregon lawmakers gave final approval Monday to a bill sponsors say will curb abuses of Oregon’s century-old initiative system that lets citizens put proposed laws on the ballot.

The bill will allow state election officials to prohibit someone from registering as a paid signature gatherer if they’ve been convicted of fraud or forgery.

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Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge Foundation,, spoke at the National Taxpayers Union’s conference about the power of initiative and referendum for grassroots organizations, California’s Proposition 13 and tax payer bill of rights.

Californians Flex Initiative Muscle

Thu, May 21 2009 by Anonymous

Much has been made about the results of California’s ballot measures. Some articles denounce the system as convoluted, and others praise it for providing the people a voice. Californian voters sent a loud message to the government: deal with the budget. Others unhappy with the result want a constitutional convention to do away with the system.

What do you think should happen?

Some interesting articles:

LA TIMES: Distrust of lawmakers came through loud and clear

Quote of the Day: Schwarzenegger

Wed, May 20 2009 by Anonymous

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing the results of the California ballot measures.


“Don’t come to us for extra help. That was the message,” Schwarzenegger said after a meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“And you know something. I appreciate that when you hear that from the people. It gives us a chance to go and adjust, and say ‘OK, we went in the wrong direction. Now lets go in the right direction and lets go do what the people want.’ “

The question in Maine

Tue, May 19 2009 — Source:

As anyone who follows ballot measures knows, the language in a ballot questions matters a lot.The Maine Secretary of State just released the language that will be on the ballot there if opponents assemble the necessary 55,087 certified signatures.

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After voting absentee in an election that will go a long way in determining the state’s finances, Schwarzenegger flew to Washington to meet with President Barack Obama as he announced higher fuel-efficiency standards.

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One of the big political stories of 2009 has been the surge in American public approval for gay marriage and the growing number of states - including the heartland bastion of Iowa - that have legalized the practice, but here in Pennsylvania the pages of this political thriller are still blank.

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If California voters defy expectations and pass the half-dozen propositions on the May 19 ballot, it will be a start toward filling the yawning hole in the state’s budget. But it’s only a start.

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