On Wednesday, April 28th, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the Doe v Reed case out of Washington State. The case will decide whether or not signers of an initiative petition have a right to privacy. The Doe side argues that signing a petition is protected free speech and the release of the names will result in intimidation from opponents. Reed argues that the release of the names is part of keeping government transparent and preventing fraud.

Check out our new video to hear from both sides in the case.

New Video: Tax Day 2010 Tea Parties

Fri, Apr 23 2010 by Anonymous

On April 15 we stopped by Tea Parties in Maryland and Washington, DC to see what attendees thought about government reform and the initiative & referendum process. Check out what they had to say here.


Tax Day 2010 Tea Parties

Thu, Apr 22 by Anonymous

The Tea Party movement seems to be waking up to the realization that there is an outlet for all their frustration with government. They want the government to listen to them, they want more say, more representation. Well guess what? The ballot initiative process is one of the best ways out there for Tea Party activists to make their voices heard and reform government.

Chris Bass, who is 36 years old, made an early fortune on Wall Street and now lives in Liberty Lake, near Spokane Washington, where he chosen another line of work. Bass is promoting nine measures on the November ballot that seek to rein in government power, ranging from invalidating the new federal health care law to lifting government gun controls. Bass has never filed a state ballot initiative, let alone nine at one time, but like other Tea Party activists, he says he is disillusioned with government and wants to make a change.

A Declaration to Remember

Wed, Apr 14 2010 by Anonymous

With Tax Day looming tomorrow, here’s a History Lesson From a 4 Year Old. We released this video last year on April 14th, and the message is still important. Check it out.

history lesson

Richard Winger gives a great rundown at Ballot Access News of the many amicus briefs submitted in Doe v. Reed. The United States Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether signatures on initiative and referendum petitions are private or a matter of public record.

While around the United States legislators and special interests seek to restrict citizens’ initiative & referendum petitioning rights, the European Union is expanding them. Joe Matthews of the New America Foundation notes:

The news here are the choices the Europeans appear to be making about how to structure the new signature gathering process. In almost every way, their process represents a vast improvement on what we have in California.

Elections are not just about choosing your representatives, political executives, and party standard bearers. Election season is about more than the horse race between Republicans and Democrats. For a large part of the country, election day is an important moment of direct democracy, through ballot initiatives and referendums. The initiative process allows citizens to directly vote on laws and state constitutional amendments.

Petitions to Block Health Care Reform in States

Mon, Mar 22 2010 by Anonymous

With last nights passage in the House of the Democrat’s healthcare bill, many are looking for ways to block it in their states. In Michigan a petition drive has been launched to exempt the state from the overhaul of healthcare.