Beyond Party Politics: Transpartisan Alliance

Fri, Feb 20 2009 by Anonymous

A powerful tool for all Americans to create citizen led reform is the ballot initiative and referendum (I&R) process.

Used by citizens from all ideological points of view across the nation, I&R, empowers the voters to improve their community.

Today, Congressman Ron Paul (TX-14) offered this statement about the work of Citizens in Charge Foundation, and its president, Paul Jacob:

You’re cordially invited…

You're invited!

Has North Korea Annexed Oklahoma?

Wed, Nov 26 2008 — Source: Forbes Magazine

An extraordinary incident unfolded in the state of Oklahoma on Oct. 2. Three individuals were arrested, shackled and arraigned. Their crime: trying to curb the spending excesses of Sooner State politicians. They were accused of violating an arcane and certainly unconstitutional law that imposes restrictions on who can circulate petitions in the state.