Citizens in Charge and Citizens in Charge Foundation jointly commissioned Pulse Opinion Research to conduct a poll in each of the 50 states between May 26 and July 19 of this year to determine public support for initiative and referendum.

Respondents in each state were asked this question:

Truth in Governance

Wed, Jul 14 by Anonymous

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Citizens Are Coming

Wed, Jul 14 by Anonymous

Citizens are coming to San Francisco. Will you be there?

Today is your last day to book a discount rate hotel room for the U.S Conference on Initiative & Referendum in San Francisco this July.

If you’re planning on attending hurry up and book your room so you don’t miss out on this great deal!


World Cup Petition

Fri, Jun 11 2010 by Anonymous

Today marks the beginning of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with South Africa taking on Mexico this morning in the Cup’s opening match. The match resulted in a 1-1 draw, but was still pretty entertaining to watch.

In honor of the start of the World Cup I direct your attention to the petition to bring the Cup back to the United States. The U.S. is in the bidding process for the 2018 or 2022 Cup, and it would be great to bring it back. So go use your citizen petition power and sign it!

In ALEC’s latest “Rich States, Poor States” report there is a ranking of states by “economic outlook,” a compilation of 15 policy variables, and by past economic performance (from 1998 to 2008).

This is an interesting and great story in the Native American Times. The tribe’s Supreme Court ruled that an initiative led and passed by the people to reduce the size of their council and give a line-item veto to the president was valid and legal:

Post OfficeIn order to get a measure onto the ballot, supporters of a petition effort must get voters to sign their petition, the key to which is often getting access to where voters are. Those in initiative states are likely used to seeing people collecting signatures are fairs and festivals, as well as in front of various stores and businesses: places where lots of people are.

Join Us in San Francisco

Wed, May 26 2010 by Anonymous

Some of you might already have seen the video, but if you haven’t yet check it out, and join us in San Francisco in July to learn about how you can become a citizen in charge.

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