You have full Initiative & Referendum rights. Citizens can pass laws they write or suspend a statute passed by the Legislature by collecting enough petition signatures to place the statute on the statewide ballot for a decision by the voters. Voters can also initiate constitutional amendments by Initiative.

Coalition for an Open & Accessible Initiative Process:

Nevada Eagle Forum

Nevada Policy Research Council


See the results of a poll on support for statewide initiative & referendum here.

Grade: B+

Click here to view Nevada’s individual report in Of the People, By the People, For the People: A 2010 Report Card on Statewide Voter Initiative Rights.

State Balloting Process

How you can change Nevada’s government through ballot initiatives


In 1905, an amendment giving voters the power of referendum was
approved by the Nevada legislature and ratified by the voters by a
margin of five to one… Read More

Ballot Qualifications & Schedule

Date Initiative language can be submitted: For
amendments, no sooner than early September 2009 for 2010 ballot. For
statutes, no sooner than early January 2009 for 2010 ballot.

Signatures are tied to vote of which office: Votes cast in the last general

Next general election: 2010

Votes cast in last general election: 970,020

Net number of signatures required: For statutes and amendments, 10% of
the total votes cast at the last general election. (97,002 signatures.) If the
measure is a statute and enough valid signatures have been gathered,
the Secretary of State transmits the petition to the legislature as soon as
the legislature convenes. The Legislature has 40 days to enact or reject it.
If the proposed statute is enacted by the legislature and approved by the
Governor, it shall become law. If rejected, the Secretary of State submits
the question of approval or disapproval of the statute to a vote at the
next general election. If the measure is an amendment and enough valid
signatures have been gathered, the Secretary of State submits the
question of approval or disapproval the amendment to a vote at the next
general election.

Distribution Requirement: 10% of votes in each congressional district in the preceding election.

Circulation period: 10 months for statutes, 11 months for constitutional

Do circulators have to be residents: Yes

Date when signatures are due for certification: For amendment, 90 days
prior to the election. For statutes, 30 days prior
to the convening of the legislature.

Signature verification process: Random Sampling

Single-subject restriction: No

Legislative tampering: Legislature can only repeal or amend after three
years of enactment.

Excerpted from the Initiative & Referendum Almanac by M. Dane Waters.

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