Quick Facts on Citizens In Charge Foundation

Citizens in Charge Foundation is the national organization dedicated to protecting and expanding the initiative, referendum & recall rights of every American without regard to partisanship or politics.

The Foundation works with activists, legislators, media, opinion leaders and voters to protect the initiative and referendum process where it exists in 24 states and to expand the process to the 26 states where voters currently lack that right. We work to educate the public on the benefits of citizen ballot initiative, referendum and recall and also litigate to protect and expand those rights.

We believe citizen control of government is essential for peace, prosperity and freedom. We believe that the ballot initiative process is imperative for Americans to truly control their government and good government starts with the voter.

Our Objective:

Citizens in Charge Foundation aims to protect, defend and expand the initiative and referendum process nationwide. Achieving our objective requires:

  • a public educated about the initiative and referendum process;
  • an organized grassroots network in each initiative state who will highlight legislative restrictions and enact reform;
  • an open and accessible process devoid of petitioner residency requirements and bans on pay-per signature petitioning;
  • the ability to hold government officials accountable to the people who elected them.
The Basics:

What is a ballot measure?

A ballot measure, also referred to as ballot initiative and referendum (I&R), is a policy question that is decided by voters at the state or local level. It allows the average person to become directly involved in the political and lawmaking process. Using this process, citizens can bring an issue to a public vote by gathering a pre-determined amount of signatures from registered voters on a petition.

There are three basic types of ballot measures: initiatives, referendums and recalls.

Why do we need ballot measures?

Ballot measures allow the average person to become directly involved in the political process. They provide voters the opportunity to place a new piece of legislation on the ballot, or put legislation passed by the legislature on the ballot for a popular vote by the citizenry. At times, politicians are swayed by special interests and this is reflective in some of their decisions. The ballot initiative and referendum process provides citizens the opportunity to step in when politicians step out of line.