Independent Texan Linda Curtis Honored with April Lilburne Award

Wed, Apr 8 2009

(LAKE RIDGE, VA) – Citizens in Charge Foundation, a national voter rights group focused on the initiative and referendum process, has named Linda Curtis, Executive Director of Independent Texans, as the April 2009 recipient of the John Lilburne Award.  She is being recognized for her work to expand and protect the rights of Texas citizens to petition their government and voice their opinions.

“Texas is famous for its independent spirit. With people like Linda Curtis, voters in Texas can rest assured their voices will be heard in the political process, independent from government restrictions,” said Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge Foundation.  “Like 17th century British activist John Lilburne, Curtis’s defense of citizen petition rights should long be remembered.”

Recently Curtis and her group, Independent Texans, brought to light several pieces of legislation aimed at restricting the ballot initiative and referendum process. Texas currently is one of 26 states that does not have a statewide initiative and referendum (I&R) process. I&R does exist at the local level in Texas.

In 2001 Curtis founded Independent Texans, an association of independent Texas voters. Curtis has championed numerous political reforms on the local level including campaign finance reform and requiring voter approval for major public subsidy for private developments. She has also been a supporter of establishing a statewide process of initiative and referendum.

Each month the Citizens in Charge Foundation gives the John Lilburne Award in honor of a citizen or citizens working to protect and defend the First Amendment petition rights of Americans. John Lilburne was a 17th Century English pamphleteer, political activist, and champion of individual rights, who advocated constitutional government and pioneered the use of petitioning and referenda for redress against government power and abuse.


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