This June voters at the ballot boxes will decide whether seismic renovations can be exempted from new property tax assessments. The proposition, the Seismic Retrofitting Amendment and ironically numbered Prop. 13, the same as the famed property tax initiative of more than three decades ago, is a legislatively referred constitutional amendment sponsored by state Sen. Roy Ashburn, R-Bakersfield.

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Supporters of an initiative to create a system of medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon have submitted petitions with more than 110,000 signatures in hopes of getting on the ballot this fall. The Coalition for Patients’ Rights was able to gather the signatures before an early submission deadline, requiring the state Elections Division to immediately determine whether there are enough valid signatures to meet the minimum of about 83,000 needed to qualify.

A small band of Vallejoans are opposing Vallejo’s Public Safety Unions over a crucial 8th of Jun ballot measure, and they will square off in a forum at 6 p.m. this Thursday, May 20, at the Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum., the grassroots organization endorsing -Yes on Measure A, wants to convince Vallejo voters to support Measure A, which if approved would remove Binding (Interest) Arbitration from the Vallejo City Charter.

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Backers of a state income tax say they’ll be on the street soon pitching Initiative 1098 to voters. A Thurston County judge approved final wording on the ballot title for I-1098, the high-earners income tax proposal backed by Bill Gates Sr., the Service Employees International Union and other groups. Thanks to Superior Court Judge Richard D. Hicks’ ruling, backers can print petitions and circulate them with voters in a sprint to collect 241,153 valid voter signatures by July 2 to qualify for the November ballot.

The sponsor of an Arkansas ballot proposal cannot file a friendly challenge to his or her own measure, the state Supreme Court ruled today in a case involving a Fort Smith group’s proposal for a statewide flat tax. The court dismissed a challenge by the Arkansas Progressive Group to the group’s proposed constitutional amendment to repeal all existing state taxes and replace them with a flat-rate sales tax.

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A revised ordinance that’s designed to regulate the cultivation of medical marijuana may not be adopted until after the November vote on a statewide ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in California. The Shasta Lake Planning Commission today will be asked to review — or consider delaying any action — on a draft pot cultivation ordinance that would, as now written, prohibit outdoor medical marijuana gardens because of their odor.

Chances are good if you attend any organized event in Bremerton in the coming weeks, you’ll see someone asking, “What the cluck?” or another chicken-related pun. That is one the strategies being employed in the bid to get a chicken decriminalization initiative on the November general election ballot. Supporters of the movement to allow up to four hens in Bremerton backyards were in view at the Armed Forces Parade on Saturday and planned to hit up commuters and outbound Mariner fans at the Bremerton ferry terminal on Wednesday.

A state income tax has for years been the “third rail” of Washington politics, but a broad activist coalition on Wednesday night launched a signature drive to put Initiative 1098 onto the November ballot. It would be the first time a tax reform measure, including an income tax, has been put to a public vote in nearly 40 years.

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Menlo Park voters will get a chance this fall to take some control over the escalating costs of public employee pension benefits when they go to the polls. The city council gave them that power when it unanimously voted early Wednesday morning to send an initiative to the November ballot that would reduce pension benefits for new city employees.

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You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but you could let that dog off-leash and give it a try in a Denver park under a citizen initiative that’s up for review tomorrow. An initiative being proposed by Ronald “Byron” Williams would allow dogs to be off-leash in certain parts of almost all Denver parks from 5-9 a.m.