Now that Flagler County commissioners have agreed to place an economic development tax referendum on the November ballot, proponents of the plan have their work cut out for them. “They have to come up with a much more concrete, more specific proposal to put before the voters,” said Palm Coast Mayor Jon Netts. “Right now you have a very amorphous proposal.” Netts, who supported the idea of placing the referendum on the ballot for voters to decide, said he has not formed an opinion on the issue.

California voters defeated a measure Tuesday that would have changed state law to allow insurance companies to raise rates on drivers who let their coverage lapse while allowing insurers to award discounts to those who maintain continuous coverage. Supporters of Proposition 17 said the ballot initiative, sponsored mainly by Mercury Insurance, would lead to more competition and better rates for consumers who take advantage of “continuous coverage” discounts by sticking with insurers.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging voters to back an initiative on Tuesday’s ballot that would scrap the primary system for state and congressional elections. After casting his own ballot in a Los Angeles elementary school, Schwarzenegger said voters could help end partisan stalemates in the California Legislature by supporting Proposition 14. The so-called open ballot initiative allows voters to cast ballots for any candidate regardless of party affiliation, with the top two vote-getters advancing to the general election.

The Anchorage School Board voted Monday to oppose the anti-corruption initiative expected on the ballot this August. School Board President John Steiner says the initiative would make it harder for the district to explain its concerns and needs to lawmakers because it would bar, in part, government from paying lobbying groups.

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Supporters of Initiative 1068, which would legalize marijuana in Washington, are up in smoke at being dumped by an influential union and being treated as a “fringe issue” by the state Democratic Party. “It was (bleeping) tacky after they danced with us for months,” said Philip Dawdy, I-1068 campaign coordinator. The campaign learned, from an Associated Press reporter, that it would not be getting money from the Service Employees International Union and other wellsprings of cash for liberal causes in the Evergreen State.

A small grassroots organization seeking to put Arizona’s strict new illegal immigration law on the ballot is optimistic but faces the daunting task of collecting about 7,500 signatures a day by July 1. The organization, Compassion for All, must collect 153,365 valid signatures in less than a month to qualify for the November ballot. Organizers took out petitions for their ballot initiative on May 24, a month after Gov. Jan Brewer signed S1070.

A proposed ballot initiative that would divert alcohol tax money for prevention and treatment efforts as a way to reduce repeat drunk driving offenses is being scrapped amid state budget concerns. Backers of Initiative 163 announced Monday they will be withdrawing the petition from consideration on the November ballot. Current Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike McGrath, previously state attorney general, had been helping with the effort.

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In an otherwise historically low-turnout election, Vallejo’s Measure A might be one of the larger voter draws on Tuesday, the county’s assistant registrar of voters said Friday. Measure A is a proposal to remove from the City Charter a 40-year-old binding arbitration provision that mandates how deadlocked employee contract disputes are resolved. “I think if people have been paying attention, Measure A may bring them out more than in other areas of the county, where they don’t have any measures,” Solano County Assistant Registrar of Voters Lindsey McWilliams said Friday.

A group trying to repeal Montana’s medical marijuana law expects to have only about a week to collect the 24,000 signatures needed to get the initiative on the November ballot. Attorney General Steve Bullock’s office has written a summary of the initiative proposed by Safe Community, Safe Kids and has set a deadline of noon on Friday for interested parties to comment or accept the wording that would appear on the ballot.

City Council on Thursday approved ethics laws that will regulate lobbyists for the first time and limit contributions to inaugurations, transition committees, and legal-defense funds. Council notably did not vote on the most controversial piece of the package - a ballot initiative that would allow Council to loosen restrictions on political activities by city employees.