Letter to the editor from history teacher on Oregon’s Measure 49, the property rights measure.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights will be on the ballot in November. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court cleared the way for TABOR on Thursday when it overturned a Superior Court ruling that found the secretary of state erred when he accepted signed petitions beyond a deadline set by the Legislature. “The question of the statute’s consistency with the [c]onstitution is at the heart of this case,” wrote Chief Justice Leigh Ingalls Saufley for the five-judge majority.

The state Senate approved new limits Wednesday on the ability of towns and their residents to fight unwanted development projects. In a floor fight lead by Lewiston state Sen. Peggy Rotundo, a Democrat, and Sen. Dana Dow, R-Waldoboro, opponents tried to stop the legislation and then to amend it to make it less restrictive. While they were unable to stop the bill, a compromise reached with the bill’s supporters did extend the amount of time that municipalities and residents have to react to development proposals.