Stem cell critics sue over Missouri ballot measure

Tue, Feb 10 2009

Critics of embryonic stem cell research have accused three top Missouri officials of conspiring to prepare an unfair ballot summary for a proposal to bar use of public funds for abortion and human cloning.

The claim is asserted in a lawsuit by Missouri Roundtable for Life seeking a new ballot summary and cost estimate for a proposed amendment to the Missouri Constitution that proponents hope to put on the 2010 ballot.

Steve Clark, a lawyer for the group, said Monday the secretary of state, attorney general and state auditor have not treated stem cell research critics fairly and worked on the ballot summary with stem cell research supporters such as the Missouri Coalition for Lifesaving Cures. Clark’s lawsuit was filed Friday in Cole County Circuit Court.

Sponsors of initiative petitions can suggest ballot language for their measures, but Missouri law makes the secretary of state’s office responsible for drafting the summary. The state auditor is responsible for preparing a cost estimate, and the attorney general reviews those documents.(READ MORE)

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