Pro-Rail Opponents of Voter Initiative are ‘Enemies of Democracy’ in Hawaii

Thu, Jul 3 2008

Referring to opponents of voter initiative on the rail project as “enemies of democracy,” Stop Rail Now’s volunteer campaign manager Eric Ryan lashed out at high-ranking members of the local political scene for attempting to thwart the will of Oahu voters by intentionally undermining the petition process.

In response to rail supporter State House Majority Leader Kirk Caldwell’s statement in Sunday’s edition of The Honolulu Advertiser, who said “Now is the time to fight the ballot initiative. A vote on rail could signal the death knell for the project”, Ryan accused Caldwell of intentionally turning a deaf ear to voters from Waimanalo to Manoa to Waianae. Ryan said, “These voters and taxpayers have rights under the City Charter and they are determined to exercise those rights because, even after all the lies told by the Hannemann administration, voters can see right through the get-rich-quick scheme that the rail project clearly is.”