Maine: Republicans help kill bill that would restrict initiative process

Thu, Feb 25 2010 — Source: Maine Public Broadcasting Network

A bill that would impose new standards governing the citizen’s initiative and people’s veto ballot process was killed today by a legislative policy committee. Democratic House Majority Whip Seth Berry, of Bowdoinham, says his bill was an attempt to bring greater accountability and transparency to the process of bringing issues to ballot, but Republican opponents saw the proposal as an attempt to complicate and discourage signature-gathering efforts. Democrats on the Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee caucused privately before joining Republicans on the panel to announce the fate of LD 1690, a bill sponsored by Democratic House Majority Whip Seth Berry. Then, Senate Chair Nancy Sullivan, a Biddeford Democrat, announced the results. “On the side of the Democrats in caucus, we would be in a process now to vote to ‘ought not to pass’ 1690.”

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