Legal Action

In addition to grassroots, media and lobbying efforts Citizens in Charge Foundation works through the courts to protect and expand initiative & referendum rights around the country.

Recent and Ongoing Legal Action


  • In 2010 the Utah State Supreme Court ruled that the state must except electronic signatures from individuals qualifying to be on the ballot. This was a landmark case that set an important precedent in allowing e-signatures for initiative campaigns around the country. Citizens in Charge Foundation awarded the ACLU’s Darcy Goddard with the August 2010 Lilburne Award for her arguments before the court on behalf of the campaign to allow e-signatures.
  • In February 2011, Citizens in Charge Foundation filed an amicus brief in the appeal of the Ni v. Slocum case in California. The case will decide whether or not e-signatures will be accepted as valid for initiative & referendum petitions in California.