Donor Confidentiality Policy

Citizens in Charge Foundation maintains and manages extensive donor and prospect records to allow for achieving our mission in a sustainable manner. Donor records often contain sensitive information that has been shared with or developed by the Foundation staff on a confidential basis. “Records” means all files, including electronic data, containing information on donors or prospective donors to the Foundation. Donors and prospects are frequently attracted to the Foundation on the basis of its ability to assure anonymity. The purpose of this policy is to state the position of Citizens in Charge Foundation on donor confidentiality and donor anonymity.

Except where specifically required by law, Citizens in Charge Foundation does not disclose donor information without the donor giving express authorization.

Confidentiality of Records
The Development Director shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all donor and prospect records. Reasonable and minimal disclosures to staff in the course of daily operations may occur but will honor the wishes of donors.

Publication of Donor Names
The names of individual donors, foundations or businesses will not be published or publically announced in any manner by the Foundation unless authorized by the respective donor, foundation or business. Citizens in Charge Foundation will not publish the specific amount of any donor’s gift without the permission of the donor. Donors making gifts to the Foundation by bequest or other testamentary device are deemed to have granted such permission.

Financial Gifts
Upon acceptance of any financial gift to the Foundation, the President and all staff members agree to keep all information in regards to the donation in the strictest confidence.


adopted by the Board of Directors, December 2009