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Truth in Governance, a project of Citizens in Charge Foundation produces fact-based reports on the initiative and referendum process in the United States. Truth in Governance reports research and quantify cases of ballot initiative fraud, identify sources of initiative campaign funding, and provide information on legal precedents and state-by-state initiative procedures.

Too many citizens lack basic information about the initiative process, and are unaware of their First Amendment petition rights. One of the most important roles for The Foundation is to provide as much accurate and objective information to the public about the initiative process as possible. The Truth in Governance reports fill this need.

The information that the Truth in Governance project will examine is extremely valuable for public discussion about ballot initiatives, a crucial but often overlooked aspect of the democratic process. Quantifiable data regarding instances of fraud and sources of funding do not currently exist, and information on legal precedents and initiative procedures have not been collected in a single, centralized public resource.

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