While voters are increasingly turning to initiatives to make needed reforms, elected officials often are seeking to impose limitations on the process.

For this reason, it is important that there is a proactive effort by the pro-initiative community to stop further restrictions to the process. To that end, Citizens in Charge, a 501(c)(4) citizen-powered advocacy organization, works to defend the initiative process through the legislative system. Click here to read more about the work of Citizens in Charge.

Citizens in Charge Foundation takes additional action to complement the work of Citizens in Charge. Specifically, we work to build broad political coalitions and mobilize supporters; monitor and publicize anti-democratic, anti-initiative bills introduced in legislatures, as well as highlight their sponsors; and work to find legislative leaders to go on offense by introducing legislation to make needed reforms.

By using our grassroots networks and public events to draw attention to adversaries, we are creating a huge – and very public – disincentive to further impeding the ballot initiative process.

But enacting change in legislatures requires working from within the system, as well as reforming it from the outside. As a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Citizens in Charge Foundation has been active on the Elections & Ethics Subcommittee. We have been forming strategic partnerships with state legislators, who support the initiative process, and educating those who are unfamiliar with it.