This Is What It Is All About

Mon, May 17 2010 by Anonymous

I ran across this opinion piece in The Bismarck Tribune this morning and wanted to share it here. It’s a short but great piece that talks about the usefullness and success of an open & accessible ballot initiative process in the state of North Dakota. The author’s closing statement is particularly good:

Ours is an engaging, open system. It allows recourse to citizens dissatisfied with the actions of elected officials. It can be aggravating. But truthfully, it’s healthy in the long run. Although there are those in California, where ballot measures are so common they are considered abusive, who might disagree.

While it’s true that the people are speaking when they elect members of the Legislature and statewide officials, they speak most loudly when they initiate, refer or recall of their own volition. It’s democracy.

Make sure to check out the whole thing.

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