NV Senator Care Cast ONLY vote supporting Nevada voting rights, honored with Lilburne Award

Mon, Jun 1 2009 by Anonymous

Today, Citizens in Charge Foundation, a transpartisan national voter rights group focused on the ballot initiative and referendum process, presented Nevada State Senator Terry Care with the June 2009 John Lilburne Award. Senator Care is being recognized for standing up for the rights of Nevada voters and trying to stop legislation that would shut Nevadans out of the ballot initiative process.

Yesterday, Senator Care cast the only vote against Senate Bill 212 aimed at stifling the ballot initiative process.

“Senator Care’s courageous lone vote against oppressive Senate Bill 212 demonstrates his strong commitment to making certain the voters of Nevada have a voice in their government,” said Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge Foundation. “By rejecting Senate Bill 212, Senator Care put his constituents first. Every resident of Nevada should question why their legislator didn’t do the same.”

Senate Bill 212 would require those trying to get an initiative or referendum on the ballot to collect signatures from each of the state’s congressional districts until 2011. After 2011, the state would create “petition districts” from which signatures would have to be collected.

“The Nevada legislature has tried twice to place restrictive geographic distribution requirements on petition signatures,” said Jacob. “ These restrictions are nothing but attempts to cripple citizen access to the ballot initiative process. For his opposition to a bill that would place more hurdles in front of the citizens of Nevada, it is fitting to award Senator Care the Lilburne Award for June 2009.”

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