Beyond Party Politics: Transpartisan Alliance

Fri, Feb 20 2009 by Anonymous

A powerful tool for all Americans to create citizen led reform is the ballot initiative and referendum (I&R) process.

Used by citizens from all ideological points of view across the nation, I&R, empowers the voters to improve their community.

In mid-February Citizens in Charge Foundation co-sponsored and attended the Transpartisan Alliance’s American Citizen’s Summit. This event united activists across the nation to learn about tools on creating consensus and ways to increase civic engagement.  The summit utilized state of the art technology to engage participants who were physically and virtually present.

The Transpartisan Alliance helps facilitate cooperation among individuals and organizations from all political points of views. Though creating “Transpartisan” understanding is not a new concept, as Americans we have built consensus among various factions for ages, the Transpartisan Alliance hopes to engage voters, activists and politicians in a new understanding, putting people first.

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