Michael Foudy

Michael Foudy is a principal founder and managing member of ATB Productions, LLC, and Chairman of the Board of Stonehenge Capital Partners, Inc. and Toto Communications, Inc. He is also Chief Marketing Officer at Gramercy LLC.foudy

Michael previously founded and served as Executive Director of For Our Grandchildren, a nonprofit organization dedicated to entitlement reform. He is also the founding Chairman of AIMS Worldwide, Inc, the former President of ATB Media, Inc., and the co-founder of WFC/Westcom, which became the largest advertising and PR firm in the Southwest. In addition to his public relations background, Michael also has extensive experience as a counselor to financial and real estate companies.

Michael has served on the board of directors of AIMS Worldwide, Inc., UCI Web Acquisitions, Inc., both of which he co-founded, and OnLineFocus, Inc.   He also was the Executive Director of the Arizona Public Service Company Shareholder’s Association, later the Pinnacle West Capital Corporation Shareholder’s Association.

Active in a variety of charitable and community organizations in Arizona, Michael served on the boards of directors for the Foundation for American Liberty and the American Initiative Committee. He currently also serves on the boards of Philadelphia II and the Canine Cancer Foundation.

The author of the book, Reinventing America, Michael is the former host of ATB’s nationally syndicated “America the Beautiful” talk radio show, as well as a former co-host of “Newsmaker” which was broadcast on 119 radio stations by the UBN.

He is a graduate of the University of Arizona, and received his J.D. from the University Of Arizona College Of Law.