John J. Woodcock III

Attorney – Licensed in Conn. and Mass, Adjunct Professor teaching Political Science at Central Connecticut State University.

John is currently Chairman of Connecticut Citizens for Ballot Initiative, CCBI, a non-partisan, issue neutral, political organization educating citizens/voters, to support ballot initiative in the State of Connecticut. Prior to this, John served as Vice-Chairman of the 2008 Connecticut Constitutional Conventional Campaign. Chairman Woodcock attended the Direct Democracy Briefing Tour to Switzerland as one of 12 American delegates in 2010, and was a speaker at the Global Forum on Initiative and Referendum held in San Francisco in 2010.

In the 80’s, John served as a member of the Connecticut House of Representatives, authoring the nations first Lemon Law, and Lemon Law II, while serving on numerous committees. He also served as a Commissioner on the Connecticut State Ethic Commission from 2000 to 2004.

On the National level Woodcock served for two (2) years as the Representative of the National Conference of State Legislatures on the Federal Trade Commission’s Reg-neg Committee, and addressed various state legislatures in this role, and has published numerous consumer protection and insurance articles in various national publications including the New York Times, Boston Globe, and The Globe and Mail.

A life-long resident of Connecticut John resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with his wife, Carla and faithful companion, Woody.