About Us

Who We Are

Citizens in Charge Foundation is the only national organization dedicated to the belief that citizens should be in charge of their government. One of the best tools that citizens have for enacting change is the initiative and referendum process. Our organization is made up of activists, legislators, financial supporters, opinion leaders, and most importantly — citizens — who come together to protect and defend this process where it exists, and extend it to where it does not. But no matter our background, we all recognize that additional checks on state legislatures are to be encouraged.

What We Do

Citizens in Charge Foundation works with activists, legislators, media, opinion leaders and voters to protect the initiative & referendum process in the 24 states where it exists, and to expand the process to states currently lacking the initiative. We also work to educate the general public on the benefits of citizen initiative, referendum and recall and litigate through the court system to protect and expand those rights.

Citizens in Charge Foundation empowers grassroots leaders through our Citizen State Coordinator Program.  These volunteer coordinators make a difference by engaging in activities at the local and state level to protect and defend the ballot initiative process. Our team of Citizen State Coordinators mobilizes “boots-on-the-ground” activists, meets and works with elected officials and opinion leaders, and hosts educational events.

Why We Do It

We believe that citizen control of government is essential for peace, prosperity and freedom, and that the citizen initiative process is a necessary check on the power of state legislatures.

The process of initiative and referendum is critical if we are to shift power back into the hands of ordinary citizens. Citizens in Charge Foundation is uniquely positioned as the only national organization committed to defending the ballot initiative process in states where it exists and expanding it to those states where citizens currently lack the process.

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